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Epic Block Size Fork of 2017! ETA 13 Days. Vlog #1 Bitcoin block size limit concept: history of its establishment The Origin of the Maximum Block Size Mike Hearn's Riccardo Spagni - Dynamic Block Size Caps

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Epic Block Size Fork of 2017! ETA 13 Days. Vlog #1

As Bitcoin grows, its blocks are starting to fill up, and thus discussion has been ongoing on how to best handle this. The block size limit is current 1mb per block, 4mb, 8mb and 20mb limits per ... Whether the block size should be increased to 20MB has created more controversy than any other question in Bitcoin's recent history. For some, it is an urgent and necessary step in Bitcoin's ... The BTC block limit is a parameter in the Bitcoin protocol that limits the size of blocks, and therefore The number of transactions that receive confirmation on the network every 10 minutes. Satoshi Nakamoto's reasons for sneaking a maximum block size into the bitcoin source code are not well known by many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In this video, we dig into a bit of blockchain ... Bitcoin Q&A: Scaling and the block size debate - Duration: 4:46. aantonop 13,705 views. 4:46. How to Repair a DEAD Computer - Duration: 37:05. CareyHolzman Recommended for you.

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