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Latest Bitcoin price and analysis (BTC to USD) - Yahoo Finance

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Bitcoin USD now on Yahoo Finance's top ticker (scroll 4 times to the right)

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Bitcoin USD now on Yahoo Finance's top ticker (scroll 4 times to the right)

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The release transforms global agricultural and fisheries logistics through a blockchain-powered social commerce platform.

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Welcome to Sparrow | Trade Bitcoin & Ethereum Options

Welcome to Sparrow |, the leading options trading platform, providing the simplest way to control risk and monetize your digital assets.
Our revolutionary platform empowers institutions and individuals to trade options that are settled by smart contract.

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YAHOO! Finance: Sparrow has launched its revolutionary platform, making trading options simple and secure for everyone Sparrow makes trading options simple and secure
Fintech News: LuneX backed Sparrow launches crypto trading platform
BitcoinExchangeGuide: Sparrow Exchange - Safe Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Trading?
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Decentralized finance DFC-leading the next round of financial transformation

Decentralized finance DFC-leading the next round of financial transformation
The financial industry has been changing from decentralization to centralization and back to decentralization. In the early stages of the entire Internet, decentralized data was used to build a universal distributed read/write system. With the passage of time, the expandability of the Internet has become higher and higher, and the blockchain has gradually emerged, becoming an opportunity to plan and describe the blueprint of financial technology and build a next-generation Internet based on credit.

Opportunities in the era of DFC: Link the world and stand out

The global financial system has created tremendous wealth, but the centralized management of traditional financial institutions often leads to an unfair distribution of resources, and people with resource advantages are more likely to obtain funds. As global inequality becomes more severe, is there a way to break this shackle and give everyone the opportunity to achieve equal wealth growth? DeFi Decentralized Finance came into being.
In the past two years, the DeFi ecosystem has made great progress. According to Consensys reports, there are more than 100 cutting-edge blockchain projects in the field of decentralized finance. DeFi is already an economic system with a value of up to 3 billion yuan. After many years of precipitation, the DFC project has become more and more perfect, and the company has chosen to announce it at this time, taking advantage of the DeFi industry heat wave.
Create a decentralized and prosperous ecosystem
At present, the DFC project is conveniently connected with other DFC services through clearly defined APIs and standard smart contracts; focusing on its professional fields, integrating with other blockchain projects and building channels, opening the cross-chain exchange ecology to serve customers well, at the end of 2020, the lending and mining ecology will be officially launched, and mortgage lending will be started. The test network will be released in the first quarter of 2020, the stablecoin USDS ecological construction will be gradually completed, and the staking product based on DFC revenue will be launched simultaneously. It is expected that after a year of ecological testing, the main network will be officially released in the third quarter of 2021. In 2022, the construction of cross-chain ecology will be completed, and the community gradually expanded to 14 countries around the world. It will achieve the growth of millions of users worldwide, complete the leap of platform profits of tens of millions of dollars, and gradually develop and upgrade to DFC version 2.0, building more decentralized financial application ecology.
What should be the future blueprint for DFC? No one knows. However, it is foreseeable that DFC will be an important supplement to traditional finance because of its non-access feature. If the emergence of Bitcoin makes low-cost cross-border payments possible, then the development of the DFC system is the second breakthrough in the blockchain system. It is fundamentally changing the settlement structure of the global financial system.
With the development of technology and wide application, a new decentralized financial system came into being. DeFi Coin (hereinafter referred to as DFC) is a cross-chain decentralized financial (DeFi) platform created by the Singapore DIFI Blockchain Foundation. With the decentralized operation and management mechanism of DFC, DFC proves to the world that the promotion of decentralized business structure is a widely used business blueprint for human society. Every innovative product is launched with powerful support behind it.
Adhering to the direction of decentralization and financializing encrypted assets, this is the evolution direction of encrypted assets. Blockchain is born to serve the economic system and financial system. DFC stands out and is expected to become the key to the bull market.
DFC is currently building DeFi and cross-border financial solutions globally. Our scalable public blockchain supports an open financial infrastructure layer-a set of smart contracts. Developers can build products and applications accordingly, without having to start from scratch. In addition, we are also creating products that fully serve cross-border payments, allowing partners to use DFC's global settlement layer in various scenarios, such as import/export, international payroll, and international e-commerce payments.
Of course, the world's largest well-known financial ecosystem created by DFC has reached a strategic partnership with the world's leading C2B blockchain data trading platform Datawallet, Indonesia's head financial technology company Ayo Uang and other large-scale traffic portal platforms. Relying on the advantages of extensive community resources and platform resources, DFC quickly formed a considerable influence on the global scale, with a total financing amount of tens of millions of dollars, and won the favor of more than 20 top blockchain investment institutions and individual investors. At the same time, CNBC, ABC, Yahoo, "The Wall Street Journal", "Forbes", Sinovision, Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix Satellite TV, Sina, SMG Vietnam VITV TV and other top media have been widely reported.
In other words, unlike other functional DeFi projects, DFC is not satisfied with being an "upgraded version" or "alternative" of a traditional financial instrument, but hopes to work together with super volunteers with a high consensus spirit around the world. Using the underlying technology of the blockchain to build a decentralized financial ecosystem with complete bottom, rich applications, and prosperous communities.

DFC ends financial crisis, two-way enabling scenarios

There will be more and more financial products on both the B-end and C-end on DFC, and they will definitely be uneven. However, all products will enter the global unified community evaluation system, and evaluations based on product performance, safety, stability, underlying asset quality and other dimensions will also be chained to become a product traceable credit system.
It is necessary for DFC's invention patents to use blockchain technology to solve existing problems on the Internet. DFC has completely independent intellectual property rights for "an implementation of a decentralized application development platform". The underlying technology platform of the DFC blockchain has the characteristics of high TPS, low latency, security, and 3D data upload, which can fully meet the needs of Internet applications data on-chain, and has applied for more than 300 invention patents, has become the strongest technology community after BAT independent research and development technology.
It is not just technology that drives the decentralized financial system. The power of DFC’s huge community is based on the help of the global community.The global super-volunteer community allocates community traffic and capital resources at any time according to their respective behavior rights and functions. In response to the global community, the DFC project team concentrated on exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of people's livelihood, contributing to the compliance and practicality of blockchain, and giving back to society with technology. In addition to the strength foundation laid by DFC North American technology development team, the community of South American community developers has also continuously added to the DFC system. Unlike the American community's strong interest in technology, the power of DFC's blockchain cultural ecology has been advancing the globalization process of the DFC community and market. DFC's African community has continuously contributed brand power to users around the world.
There are volunteer communities in 100 countries around the world, and the fission of more than 100,000 communities will change the global world financial system, realize the basic ecology of DFC belonging to all mankind, and bring on-chain life services to users around the world. The decentralized ecological community has promoted the progress and development of the blockchain cultural ecosystem.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that DFC includes all DeFi businesses in the current market-cross-chain asset exchange, decentralized exchanges and stable currency, financial services, loan services, and mining ecology. For DFC finance to develop, it needs to be built on the basis of other higher-frequency businesses, on the basis of the precipitation of a large number of existing assets, and on a reliable stable currency system.
According to the existing ecological deduction, if decentralized transactions can slowly become popular, there will be more and more accumulated and precipitated funds. After more and more precipitated funds, the mortgage will generate decentralized stable coins. Basically, with the flow of decentralized transactions and reliable stablecoins, the development of DFC financial business is much easier, and DFC finance is where the advantages of decentralized transactions are truly reflected, and centralized exchanges cannot really do it. With DFC Finance, decentralized transactions may go hand-in-hand with centralized transactions, or even overtake.
Since the entire community is a strong consensus ecology, the DeFi business can not only quickly land on DFC, but also realize model upgrade. In the future, the ecological scenario of DFC will continue to be concrete, detailed, and implement applications, get rid of the shackles of the platform, build a free economic world with the interconnection of everything using finance as a medium, and enable global fintech business in both directions.

Top teams work hard to build DFC services worldwide

The core of the future form of DFC is to realize a distributed autonomous borderless open financial system, and form a stable, self-evolving community autonomous financial system that supports the full integration of online and offline finance. Therefore, DFC will rely on cross-chain and decentralized exchanges and other technologies, expand the DeFi application ecosystem, establish a community autonomous financial system, implement modern financial transformation of existing digital token products according to certain rules, and improve the communication channels between existing physical finance and digital token finance. In the world of digital tokens, share the latest global economic achievements; in the future architecture, connect with the digital token system issued by global central banks and enterprises, such as DC/EP and Facebook’s Libra.
Based on this, DFC can achieve ecological closed loop and sustainable development, serving billions of users worldwide.
It is understood that the DFC team is an international team, which is composed of global financial professionals and blockchain technology talents. Its blockchain and DeFi technical teams are composed of the Musk rocket startup team, Google artificial intelligence research institution, Russian cryptography and other global diverse teams. At present, these teams have joined the DFC community in accordance with the organization principles of the open source community, and have conducted in-depth and extensive research and construction work. The participation of top international talents has prompted DFC to break through technical barriers and set off a wave of Genesis for the future.
At present, some decentralized financial products have appeared in the cryptocurrency market, and DFC is one of the pioneers. Its founder and CEO Piyush Gupta is a leader in this regard. He has held various positions in Morgan Bank, DLT Association, DAO Decentralized Organization American Association, and now Piyush Gupta said that DFC has passed the 0x Project protocol test and is beginning to break the traditional use case of Bitcoin as a value store, which has become a leader in the development of decentralized financial technology.

DFC Leads Financial Change: The Best Times for Breakers

The first important development of the financial system in history is its own transformation to the direction of "finance". This sentence sounds a bit abstract,to put it in a nutshell, when people finally have enough resources for trading and cooperation, and not just for their immediate survival, abstract finance is formed. For example, extra wheat can be exchanged for pottery, animals, or even original portrait sculptures or toys.
Throughout the history of finance, from coins to paper fiat currencies to digital finance, the latter is probably the most successful form of finance to date. It can realize the DFC vision, tokenize all assets, and open up the financial transformation of global free transactions.
At present, the total monthly transaction volume of popular crypto exchanges can exceed billions of dollars. DFC leads the next round of financial change, from infrastructure to applications to network security, DFC embraces the future of financial technology and is a major opportunity for global finance. We are in the middle of a thousand-year opportunity, there are many changes in the process , and due to our inherent limitations of thinking, we cannot see clearly the trend of future outlets. The economic cycle of DFC's future layout faces huge global challenges, but it also contains rare opportunities. Under internal and external troubles, this is the worst era, but for those who break the game, this is the best era.
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Feedback on investing strategy (part value/momentum, part Couch Potato) and portfolio allocation

Hi PFC! I'm looking for feedback on my investing strategies and portfolio allocation decisions (i.e., TFSA vs. RSP vs. taxable accounts) to make sure I'm not making any big mistakes or missing any big opportunities. I've been researching this sub and its recommended resources for a while and am ready to get into the market. Thanks for the learning thus far and thanks in advance for your input!
Personal finance background: 28, single, $100k CAD annual income, no debt, currently renting, looking to invest in real estate in 2-3 years, TFSA and RSP maxed out. Aggressive risk tolerance. I have had around ~$65k in the market in a 90/10 Couch Potato e-Series portfolio since 2017.
Investing strategy: 70% of my portfolio in value/momentum factor investing (this is new for me) and 30% of my portfolio in Couch Potato-style TD e-Series Funds.
Here is my plan:

Non-investment accounts Amount (CAD) Notes
EQ Bank $100k @ 2% (current rate) 6-month emergency fund and saving for down payment
Cryptocurrencies $30k in Bitcoin Holding for long-term
Total $130k

Investment accounts Position (calculated in CAD) Notes
CAD TFSA $70k in SBEA SBEA is a globally balanced value/momentum active ETF. It has a trend following overlay that hedges away from equities to bonds when things start to look bad. It's a Canadian-listed ETF that holds Canadian stocks directly, as well as QVAL, QMOM, IVAL, and IMOM (all US-listed ETFs that hold US and international value and momentum stocks directly).
CAD RSP $35k in TDB8150 @ 0.25% (current rate) TDB8150 is an ISA. This is equivalent to a 20% cash position in my investment portfolio. I'll use this to steadily increase my positions in SBEA, QVAL, and IVAL over time.
USD RSP $16k split between QVAL and IVAL That's $8k QVAL and $8k IVAL, which tilt my value/momentum balance from 50/50 to 60/40.
CAD Cash Account (taxable) $42k split between TDB900 (Canadian equities), TDB902 (US equities), and TDB911 (international equities). This is the Couch Potato e-Series bit. 100% equities.
USD Cash Account (taxable) $14k split between BRK.B and MKL This is the 10% speculation part of my portfolio (I have a value bias). Both stocks are denominated in USD and don't pay dividends.
Total $177k

Some stats on that plan:
What comes to mind when you look at my portfolio? What would you adjust?
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