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Don't Talk to the Police

“The Justice Department has successfully prosecuted online criminal operations that used bitcoin,” the Washington Post instructed in a piece reminding its readers of Bitcoin’s nefarious history. “In 2013, the government arrested Ross Ulbricht, the founder of a major underground drug market, and seized more than $3.5 million worth of The NCMEC Report. Summary: Mr. Jones, who also had a Microsoft account (MSN), was initially reported by Google — not Microsoft — as future parts will show in more detail. IT IS important for us to explain to readers, even if at the expense of an offender’s privacy, what happened years prior to the Epstein-Gates scandals.Microsoft already had an appalling reputation when it comes to Roughly 2-years later, Obama was essentially outed by Newsweek on May 21, 2014, when the magazine published a photo of Obama with a rainbow halo above the words “The First Gay President”. Roughly 18-months later on November 10, 2015, Obama graced the cover of “Out100” magazine which named him the LGBT community’s “ Ally of the year ”. Donnie Bowens Jr., 25, of 3531 Ellington Ave., Sebring, was arrested by the Sebring Police Department and charged with robbery by sudden snatching. The victim reported after she went into the convenience store a man later identi“ed as Bowens approached her and told her a man outside in a vehicle was interested in her. The man then proceeded SEC Roundup: Telegram, AML Bitcoin, Bitclave, It *purports *to claim that *coronavirus, but not rhinoviruses or influenza, 10 hours ago Algora Blog. a bureau chief for Newsweek, makes the case for joining forces to defeat the Marxists at war with the United States. He outlined the two opt...

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Don't Talk to the Police

Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials. Download his article on the ...

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