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BITCOIN SUPREMACIST - Giacomo Zucco - part 1 GIACOMO ZUCCO  TECH Layer e BITCOIN Bitcoin Brief w Giacomo Zucco - Happy 11th B-day $BTC! Giacomo Zucco: Risks & Plan of The B. Foundation - Bitcoin Giacomo Zucco Rates the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap for Crypto Insider

BHB Network founder and self-confessed Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco has revealed a Lightning Network-enabled protocol for launching tokenized assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Tokenize It With Bitcoin! Giacomo Zucco Unveils Lightning Asset Protocol Giacomo Zucco is a Bitcoin consultant and educator. With a background in theoretical physics, his attentions have turned increasingly to Bitcoin since 2012, and his commentary, insights and humour have made him one of the must-follow figures on Crypto Twitter. I asked Giacomo a few questions on Bitcoin, privacy, ETFs, and why he dislikes Coinbase. A month ago Giacomo Zucco held a YouTube live Q&A for Cryptonomist in which he answered many questions from the readers, but not all, and so in this article the founder of BlockchainLab explains his theory about digital gold and digital silver, in other words, the virtual “feud” Bitcoin vs Litecoin. New Lightning Asset Protocol Established for Bitcoin by Giacomo Zucco. Giacomo Zucco is the founder of the BHB Network, though he prefers to go by Bitcoin maximalist, according to his own confessions. He has recently created a protocol that will help launch tokenized assets for investors and contributors on the Bitcoin blockchain. We interviewed Bitcoin consultant and educator Giacomo Zucco. We talked about Bitcoin, privacy, ETFs, crypto media and why he hates Coinbase.

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BITCOIN SUPREMACIST - Giacomo Zucco - part 1

#TCConf19 - Giacomo Zucco - The Bitcoin Trilemma - Duration: 38:43. Transylvania Crypto Conference 204 views. 38:43. Everything they told you about Bitcoin is a lie Giacomo Zucco - Duration: 19:36. Bryan Anthony of Radio Hussar got to chat with Giacomo Zucco about the use of Bitcoin and the state of free speech. We met after an exciting Kraków Bitcoin Meetup held at Kawiarnia Literacka ... I interviewed Giacomo Zucco, Director of The B. Foundation, and asked him the most difficult questions and concerns I'd heard, about this new non-profit Bitcoin foundation. Here's what happened ... Hanging out with Max Hillebrand & Giacomo Zucco - Duration: 17:29. World Crypto Network 71 views. 17:29. ... NOBODY is Looking at This Bitcoin Chart Right Now - Duration: 5:58. During his interview with Crypto Insider's Vlad Costea, Bitcoin Maximalist Giacomo Zucco gives ratings to the top 20 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, as of October 23rd 2018.

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