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In the configuration dialog for the launcher, make sure you select "open in a terminal" and choose "sage -notebook" for the command in GNOME or XFCE. In KDE, choose "sage" for the command and "-notebook" for command line options. You can use "SAGE" for the name and the following for the icon: Python 3 transition. SageMath 9.0 was the first version of Sage running on Python 3 by default.Sage 9.1 continues to support both Python 2 and Python 3. In Sage 9.1, we have made some further improvements regarding Python 3 support.In particular, SageMath now supports underscored numbers PEP 515 (py3); the fix was done in Trac #28490: . sage: 1_000_000 + 3_000 1003000 When SAGE_FAT_BINARY is set we should pick a generic value for hwdir. We should also use --libdir so that gf2x works ok on OpenSuse? and similar systems. Upstream: (Reported upstream, but no response yet.) === mpir-2.1.3.p4 (Leif Leonhardy, July 19th, 2011) === * #8664: Upgrade Sage's MPIR spkg to version 2.1.3 * Do not delete old GMP/MPIR shared libraries as Sage's versions of libraries used by GCC might still refer to them, such that their deletion would break GCC inside Sage. Recently, I have install Ubuntu 64amd making duak boot with Windows 7 32bit. Everything is ok ,but I'm unable to install sagemath in it. it says " unable to locate the package sagemath-upstream-binary"...

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